Introducing Viviana Cabrera Contreras: Manager of the Konojel Restaurant

Viviana Cabrera Contreras a university student, studying a social work degree, who’s goal is to be able to work closely with people and help them to transform their lives. From the age of 11 she started volunteering in non-profit organizations and she has been working since she was 14 years old. She started in a perfumery for 4 years but that did not suit her, so after working there, she worked at SHARE for approximately 3 years.

Viviana then had several jobs, one of them was in a vaccination pilot project in Tecpan and Chimaltenango. As she was working and sharing more closely with people she realized that field work was a good fit because she could see more clearly the change in the lives of people. After that she was in charge of purchasing for a year and a half and was responsible for the relationship with suppliers; serving more than 250 employees and was responsible for a variety of different services such as purchases for 25 agencies and telephone communication. This was a foundational experience for Viviana.

She was living in San Lucas, Sacatepequez when she found out that there was a job in Konojel and she moved to San Marcos La Laguna. Viviana is excited and motivated by this fascinating change. As the administrative manager of the restaurant, her responsibility is to manage the accounts and expenses of the restaurant, innovate and improve the products we offer, create a work environment where women feel part of the team, and train them so they can have their own income and develop experience and individual devleopment leading to opportunities for growth later.

Viviana also manages the solar women’s cooperative and coordinates sewing workshops. She is cooking and is looking for new products to develop for market, hoping to increase the income for the programs as well as ensuring the improvement and growth of both businesses.

For Viviana, Konojel is very important because it is an opportunity to improve the quality of life for the people she serves as well as to create increased income so that the programs can function more independently. The growth of the women who work in the restaurant is also a primary focus. Viviana is motivated and excited. She has many ideas that she wants to implement so that women can have more work and we can increase our impact in the community.

She believes that we should love what we do to be happy and that is where she is now.