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Children’s Enrichment

Our children’s enrichment program works with more than 40 children, 5 days a week, engaging in activities that strengthen academic and social skills while providing a space for kids to be kids. We support children from birth through elementary school — tailoring learning opportunities to the developmental needs of individuals. Our activities include direction and tutoring in science, math, technology, reading, writing, and creative arts. Our goal is for each child to reach his or her full potential as valued individuals and members of San Marcos and of the global community.

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escuela-caracolWith an initial grant from the PACE Foundation, Konojel has sponsored the Mayan Fund at La Escuela Caracol, an Intercultural Waldorf School in San Marcos that focuses on serving the needs of the whole child — head, heart, and hands.


Adult Vocational Education

Providing job training in dignified and empowering fields that encourage advancement in knowledge and salary. We currently provide professional development for kitchen staff to be placed in local restaurants, as well as creating additional employment opportunities at the Nutrition Center and in the Organic Gardens. Our goal is to expand our vocational training programs to provide basic services that are lacking in San Marcos — beauty salon and barber, bicycle and motorcycle workshop, and fine furniture construction.

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