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Nutrition Center


Daily Lunch Program

Our mission to address chronic malnutrition in San Marcos La Laguna started in September of 2011. The Konojel Community Center provides a hearty vegetarian lunch every weekday to 60 of the most at-risk individuals in San Marcos La Laguna, Sololá, Guatemala. Konojel’s lunch program works to strengthen and stabilize the weakest members of an impoverished community in which almost 7 in 10 children suffer the effects of chronic malnutrition. The food served at Konojel represents a tremendous improvement in the diet of those who eat there, including children, pregnant and nursing mothers, and elders who are often overlooked at home when food is scarce. The menu includes fresh vegetables, both cooked and raw in salads, proteins, superfoods, and many other components of a balanced diet.


Nutrition Workshops

Nutrition WorkshopsKonojel provides a platform through which organizations and local presenters empower health, education, and nutrition for women, children, and families. Our partner JUSTA provides a series of “Comida Vida” and “Comida Vida Jr.” workshops to educate the 60 people in our lunch program. Our partnership with MAGA brings further hands-on training in gardening and nutrition workshops for those involved in the Lunch Program.


Organic Gardens

Nutrition WorkshopsBy growing food in our 4 organic gardens, we are able to supplement the food used in our Lunch Program and provide local, organic produce. Partnering with local permaculture designers, Konojel has been steadily working to increase our production of vegetables and other foods while at the same time providing jobs and professional development for our local gardeners.

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