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Site Coordinator for Konojel Programs

Laura Maria Sancoy was hired in January 2015 to coordinate extracurricular activities at the Konojel Afterschool Enrichment program. Since that time she’s established herself as a strong, confident presence with powerful sense of responsibility for her family and her community.

After several years planning, implementing and evaluating activities for vulnerable children from the San Marcos Community, Laura was promoted in March of 2018 to Site Coordinator for Konojel Programs, a position that allows her to represent the organization on a local and international level. She works closely with the Director of Progams and Operations on administrative duties, and often represents Konojel in community, municipal, and inter-institutional meetings.

Since taking on more administrative responsibilities in 2018, Laura now supervises other young women who work directly with Enrichment Program, as well as supporting each of the other initiatives that Konojel offers to the Kaq’chikel Maya community in San Marcos.