Walking Across the UK to Feed Kids in Guatemala

Imagine our surprise and delight when monthly supporter, Colin Wilson, contacted us to ask if he could use his walk across the UK to raise funds for Konojel!

One of the amazing things about our tribe of regular supporters is that they understand how vital their regular support of our monthly budget is. Kids don’t eat just once a year, conveniently hungry around the month of a big fundraiser. Nope. Feeding kids is an every day affair. That’s why Colin gives monthly, he’s a dad. He gets that. And that’s also why he decided to use his walk to boost his support of the Konojel Community Center, specifically, the nutrition project.

This isn’t the first big walk that Colin has embarked on for charity. Four years ago he walked across Spain for the first time, raising money for a cause close to his heart. The next year, he did it again. He’s got a habit of doing extreme things for the benefit of others and we couldn’t be more pleased that he’s chosen to support Konojel as he does the northern coast-to-coast walk across the UK.

Colin and his partner Rosie started walking yesterday, but they started raising funds weeks ago. If you’d like to support their walk and Konojel at the same time, visit their Just Giving page and donate. If you can’t do that, then please click the link and share their story on social media. The more views, and donations, the better!

The picture, above, was taken on the west coast, at the sea, where the walk begins. Check out his cool Konojel t-shirts, which he had specially made for the walk!

Visit Colin’s Just Giving Page and Support the Walk & Konojel!