Kids Helping Kids: The Tuscano Boys Raise Money Every Month for Konojel!

Not many 5-year-olds spend Christmas helping Syrian refugees on the docks of a Greek port, but when you have community activist-minded moms, that’s exactly what you do.

Max and Sebastian Tuscano, young world travelers, started volunteering before they understood the meaning; on the streets of NYC joining an outreach project for homeless, collecting and personally delivering clothing donations for the disadvantaged indigenous communities of the Costa Rican Caribbean coast, visiting elephant sanctuaries in Sri Lanka, and spending their Christmas holidays on the island of Lesvos, Greece helping 1,000’s of Syrian refugees at the height of the crisis.

“My mom wanted to help moms and kids so we gave our Christmas money to buy backpacks and toys for the refugee kids. Then, we would go with our moms to the docks and give the gifts to the kids. I really like helping other kids,” says Max Tuscano, age 8.

“For me, I wanted to show my kids the true message for the holidays is to GIVE. It’s not what we get, it’s trying to be as generous as possible and helping those in need.”

“The impact of being able to connect directly with other children made a huge impact. When my friend Jennifer Miller connected me with Konojel, I knew this would be a good relationship and one where my kids could have a direct and positive effect on other kids.”

This holiday season, you’ll find Max and Sebastian helping their mom bake cookies and later sell them in their village plaza in Spain as they try to raise money for Konojel.

“We try to raise USD 10 a month to help feed the kids. Sometimes we don’t have enough money from selling things so we do extra chores for our moms to get enough money,” says 8-year-old Sebastian Tuscano.

For the past year, they’ve made their monthly goal as they spread the word of the fantastic work Konojel is doing for the lakeside children of Guatemala.

In the future, the 2-mom Tuscano family hopes to travel to Guatemala and volunteer with the Konojel children directly as they believe the best way to raise committed global citizens is a hands-on approach.

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