Solar Sprouting at Konojel Community Center

Our friends at Semillas de Sol, Brennan, Juliana, Chaytanya and Ben, helped us build our solar dehydrator and oven .

“What if we could use the power of the sun to feed malnourished children in an ecologically and economically sustainable way? This was the idea that sparked the creation of our project with the Konojel Community Center.
We proposed to utilize one resource the Konojel Center had in abundance: the sun. We would build a solar dehydrator and solar oven on the center property.  Using the solar dehydrator, fruits and vegetables could be dried in-season and consumed throughout the year. Ovens are a rarity in these parts – almost all cooking is done over inefficient wood stoves. These simple solar technologies offered a fuel-free way to cook, bake, and preserve food.”

Read more about the process at the Semilla de Sol blog.