Walk-A-Mile Fundraiser SUCCESS!

We are so excited to announce that this year’s Walk-A-Mile Fundraiser was a huge success!

We set a goal of $26,000 and we are currently at $28,271!!

Konojel means “All Together,” and all together, we EXCEEDED our goal!

We have so much gratitude to our good friend Mallory Brown, who was in San Marcos last spring to film the mini-documentary about Laura, and the ladies of Konojel for inclusion in her Walk a Mile fundraiser. We are beyond thrilled to have been included!

The fundraiser will remain open through the rest of this year as Mallory’s other “miles” are revealed, one at a time. We expect that our final number will continue to rise, little by little, over time. If you know anyone who would like to join us in our work, please feel free to share!

If you want to smile and celebrate with us here’s one last look at the video, which still brings me to tears every time:


THANK YOU VERY MUCH! We truly could not have done this without you. And your gift will allow us to continue feeding the most malnourished members of our community. (Ingrid, our Director, told me that we added 12 new beneficiaries last month!) It will keep the doors of the computer center open, providing homework support for all the kids in the village and internet access as for the community. It will support the women of Sabor del Sol in building their micro-businesses forward and providing products for sale in the restaurant. And you’re creating jobs, and sustainable, dignified work, for women in San Marcos so that they can raise the economic bar for their families and empower themselves to solve the malnutrition crisis in Guatemala.


We welcome your words of encouragement, suggestions, and ideas for improving our work and we value your input!

If you find yourself in Guatemala, you’ve got a standing invitation to visit us, meet the ladies, and see the nutrition project in action! We’d be delighted to meet you!

Shoot us an email: info@konojel.org